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Equipment & Clothing Information

Ski Equipment

If you have your own ski equipment (boots, skis, ski poles), we would be more than happy to teach you with it. Just be sure to have it all checked by a ski shop for safety and tuned for performance before you come to the mountain. If you do not have your own equipment, then your two options are to rent or buy the equipment. If you are new to the sport of skiing or have never purchased ski equipment before, then you might consider renting the equipment for a lesson or session with us, and later you can better decide what you like if you want to purchase your own equipment.

As for rental options, you can rent ski equipment at various ski shops and stores in the Portland area, or you can rent at the Timberline Rental Shop itself (very close to where our school meets and teaches on Mt. Hood). Students in our lesson programs who rent at the Timberline Rental Shop automatically qualify for specially-priced rental discounts for the days of the lessons. The table below shows our ski rental pricing for students enrolled in our ski lesson programs.

Ski Rental Pricing with Powder Hounds Lessons Package
(rental includes skis, boots, and ski poles)

Any ski equipment rental with us or at the Timberline Rental Shop will require some additional paperwork, and that can be handled during your first time with us at the mountain.

If you rent equipment from one of the local ski shops please make sure that the skis or snowboard are properly adjusted to the ability level and size of the student. All equipment is student specific. Please also make sure the equipment is waxed and ready to go for the session.

Snowboard Equipment

You may use your own snowboarding equipment (boots and board) for our lessons, or if you don't have your own equipment, both our Beginner and Intermediate Snowboarding Lesson packages include snowboarding equipment in the package cost.

Rental Pricing

Type Rental Type Day Price Package Price (4 Days)
Child Skiing 30.00 100.00
Adult Skiing 30.00 100.00
Child Snowboarding 35.00
Adult Snowboarding 35.00

Clothing (Dressing for the mountain)

Skiing and Snowboarding are winter sports, and as such it is important to keep in mind the weather and area conditions. To best enjoy your skiing or snowboarding, these things must be considered:

  • Staying warm
  • Staying dry
  • Staying comfortable

Great, but what does that mean to a person who has not had previous experience in winter mountain conditions? Staying warm, dry, and comfortable means dressing with layered clothing, so that the layers can be added or removed to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Consider wearing thermal or long underwear, along with fleece, sweatshirt/sweat-pant, wool, or flannel. Outerwear is important, so think about having a good winter jacket (or ski or snowboarding jacket), a ski bib or ski pants. Whatever clothing you get or have, please try it out at home before coming to the mountain. Check for fit and comfort. Also, don't forget these items:

  • Helmet
  • Winter Stocking Head Cap
  • Gloves (inner glove liners & thick waterproof outer glove)
  • Goggles and/or Sunglasses
  • Long/Thick Winter Socks (for wear with ski/boarding boots)
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm

What else? How about an extra set of clothing, perhaps for the ride back home. Sometimes after a day of skiing or snowboarding, you'll get sweaty or wet, and having a comfortable change of clothes for the trip home can make the difference. For clothing and gear, a suggestion is to label it so if it gets lost or mixed up with another student, it can be more easily found and identified.

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